Butterfly In The Sky – Small Canvas Print (9″x11″)


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Medium: Adobe Illustrator
iPad Pro, Apple Pencil
Year: 2017

Instead of being treated and depicted as the wonders that they are, black boys are rarely drawn and depicted in a positive light. We live in the era of Tamir Rice, whose 12-year-old life was ended by an officer who mistook his body and toy gun as a threat. This should not be. Black boys are beautiful, just like butterflies, and unfortunately their lives are fragile in a country that likes to pimp its butterflies. This is a drawing showing a black boy dreaming, reaching for outer space, unlimited and uninhibited by what other people think he should be. He is young, wearing his hoodie underneath his space suit, and he is unafraid, dreaming impossible dreams. This is as it should be. This drawing is a prayer: that his dreams would become reality, our reality, soon.

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high” – Reading Rainbow