#BlackGirlMagic – Medium Canvas Reprint (18″x 24″)


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Reprint of an original piece made for Cambridge Arts Council.

Medium: Adobe Illustrator
iPad Pro, Apple Pencil
Year: 2017

In the season of Hidden Figures the movie and the Black Lives Matter movement, I think a lot about creativity as a person of color. Robert Glasper’s song I Stand Alone is an anthem for creatives to project their voice. I want to amplify and project the voices of children of color to dream, think, and thrive.

In this whimsical imagery of space and dreams, the girl in the space suit is a tribute to the strength of black women of the past as well as a sign of hope for the future. Black women are magic. They helped us get to the moon and back (literally), and they help us so many get to the moon and back figuratively every day. I think of the courage and creativity of black women, friends and mentors, in my life as I read Glasper’s tribute to the African heritage from which black music is drawn from:

“Now it is true that the genius of African culture is surely its repetition, but the key to such repetition was that new elements were added each go-round. Every round goes higher and higher. Something fresh popped off the page or jumped from a rhythm that had been recycled through the imagination of a writer or a musician. Each new installation bore the imprint of our unquenchable thirst to say something of our own, in our own way, in our own voice as best we could. The trends of the times be damned.”

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